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A Letter From Our Founders

Since we can remember, our personal journeys have been fraught with developmental challenges. Personally, the diagnosis of dyslexia and visual tracking disorder, and across our families and our communities many others like: ADHD, Intellectual Disabilities, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. These conditions have exposed us to the challenges that millions of Americans know to be part of who they are.

These can be life changing diagnoses. Still though, they aren’t challenges without a path forward.

What our experiences have taught us - and our research has reaffirmed - is that behind great progress is a plan of action that is: Client Inspired, Parent Guided, and Clinically Informed.

Within the ABA space, we call this framework: holistic behavioral health care. Our commitment to building an inclusive platform to each of these essential parties, and making our approach accessible to you and your family is why we created apricott.

Thank you for trusting us with what matters most. Together, lets rethink tomorrow’s possibilities.

apricott ABA founder signature - Matty Alon

Matty Allon

Co-Founder, apricott

apricott ABA founder signature - Joseph Hartman

Joseph Hartman

Co-Founder, apricott

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What's in the name

ap·ri·co·tt (noun)

  1. A just as good for you as it tastes fruit, whose pigmented skin (all the way to it’s rock solid core) is packed with nuance and diversity like us all.

  2. A fruit recognizable by its multistage developmental process and the challenges that each and every apricot (like each and every one of us) overcomes in their path to reaching their full potential.

  3. ·tt Well, umm…. it’s a bit complicated…

    Long story short, we added a second ’t’ to underscore our commitment to grounding this platform in a framework and vision that is long overdue as the standard in behavioral health care, one that is:

    Client Inspired, Parent Guided, and Clinically Informed

    Oh, and did we mention that two ‘t’s are double the fun! 😉